Reality Check!

Hi all, back again after a long hiatus from here after moving house and being busy, busy, busy! During that time I’ve been keeping low carb but definitely overeating on calories and portion sizes, something that people often do easily and without realising.

After all the craziness of moving and then adjusting to a new set of living circumstances, I found myself doing something else I hadn’t done in a long time too: boredom eating! I couldn’t remember the last time I did this, usually it’s the opposite and I’m so busy I forget to eat completely. But sitting around with not much to do and not being able to work on my blog here made feel unproductive, lazy and very depressed.

I had recently reduced my anti-depressent medication again too, which could have been a factor as there is usually a small adjustment period where I feel crappy, but I have to admit there were some days I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed and that familiar feeling of inexplicable hopelessness started settling in again.

It was even harder to deal with after being on my usual low carb high for so long. But as always, it passed, it took a good deal longer than it has in a while, but it passed. And I told myself that the only way to get over this rutty feeling was to accept the things I couldn’t do anymore as before and throw myself back into things as much as I could.

First was the scales, I hadn’t weighed myself in over a month but I could feel in my stomach and the tightness of my waistband that it had gone up and I was even pretty spot on the number. A whole 6kg up from my last weigh in, although I do know I was carrying some water weight too. It wasn’t a kick in the gut because I already knew I was stuffing up, but it was even greater fuel and resolve to get back with it.

So here’s my first comparison shot in a while, although it’s my first I’ve done where I’ve actually gained weight! Definitely a new experience. But any weight loss journey, even a low carb one, comes with downsides as well as upsides and you can’t win all the time. And I certainly can’t share only my successes on here either. Reality is that no-one is perfect, least of all me and if I stuff up then I need to let you guys know, because at least something good can come out of my setback and I can help someone who may be struggling themselves.

I can REALLY feel the weight gain in my stomach as well as see it, but can see it in my face too when I look in the mirror and in this photo. Need to really knuckle down and kick ass to get back to where I was, but it shall be done!




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