Transformation Tuesday

A photo taken pre low carb, I think this was 4-6 months before I started. The second photo is another holiday snap from our Bali holiday in June (don’t worry, they’re almost done and will be taking some new shots soon!).

This second photo I took because I really loved this new top I had bought and was wearing out for the first time. This was snapped in our hotel room’s bathroom before we left in the morning!

I LOVE the way my curves look in this photo, instead of just focusing and thinking “I look so fat!” like I’ve done so many times in the past. I know I’ve said it before but one of the greatest things about low carb is still the incredible impact it has had on my self perception and body image and the way it is teaching me to love myself more!



7 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. Nice! Keep up the good work, Nikki!

    I’m finally figuring out my diet, since strict Keto was difficult for me, for several reasons. I really love the Keto concepts so I’ve adapted it. And, I am losing weight and inches at a faster clip then when I was merely counting calories. I feel better and don’t have as many cravings either. So I’m definitely a Keto fan.

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    1. That’s fantastic! Feeling great and no cravings are definitely two things that make keto awesome and easier to follow than a lot of other options. Everyone adapts and tweaks the diet to suit themselves and what they need, great you’ve gotten that far, now you can really keto on! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I love this top too! I bought a few off shoulder ones like this for our Bali trip but winter’s just finished in Australia, so I didn’t wear them much when we got back. Heating up now but they’re already a lot looser on me!

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