White Chocolate Mascarpone with Raspberries

This White Chocolate Mascarpone with Raspberries is quick and easy to make, only has 3 ingredients and tastes delicious! I use the Vitawerx brand of keto white chocolate which has great ingredients and has already been sweetened with natural sweeteners. You can buy this from the Vitawerx website or Low Carb Emporium.

This means I don’t need to add any additional sweetener as the white chocolate is already sweet enough, but you may need to adjust for a different brand and add some sweetener in. For a white chocolate that is completely unsweetened, some sweetener will definitely need to be added. For those in the US, ThinkThin White Chocolate Bars seem to be readily available, but the ingredients aren’t as good as the Vitawerx brand.

The most important step of this White Chocolate Mascarpone with Raspberries is making sure the chocolate and mascarpone are at similar temperatures when you combine them, otherwise it can very easily split! If it splits the taste and texture can be spoilt.

You can salvage it by heating the mix in the microwave in small 10 second increments and mixing well after each blast, until the mix becomes smooth and velvety. This will help with the texture but the taste still won’t be as good, so take extra care to make sure it doesn’t split in the first place by making sure your chocolate isn’t too hot and your mascarpone isn’t still cold from the fridge.

You can make this in one bowl like I do or divide it into individual bowls or ramekins. Doing this makes portion control easier and it will also chill faster in the fridge. Although I think the texture is slightly more creamy and smooth when done in one larger bowl!


White Chocolate Mascarpone with Raspberries – Serves 3


100g sugar free white chocolate (I use Vitawerx brand)

1x 250g container of mascarpone (1 cup), at room temperature

1x 125g punnet fresh raspberries (½ cup)


Break up your white chocolate into pieces in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 second increments, stirring after each blast until almost melted. Stir with a metal spoon to finish melting.

Add mascarpone and mix quickly with a spoon as if you were whipping cream to whip the white chocolate and mascarpone together to a mousse-like consistency that is smooth and velvety.

Top with fresh raspberries sprinkled over (discard any bad berries from the punnet as you go) and chill in the fridge until chilled and set. Most of the sugars in this recipe come from the raspberries so you can use less of them to lower the sugars and carb count.


Nutritional Info:

Cals – 505.6

Fat – 45.6g

Protein – 11.2g

Total Carbs – 7.7g

Fibre – 0.9g

Sugars – 6.3g

Net Carbs – 6.8g



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