Face to Face Friday

My son loves selfies and when he asks for a selfie, you HAVE to give him a selfie! So the result is that we end up with a LOT of these. This first picture was taken June 2017 on my son’s birthday. At this point I had been on low carb for 6 months and had already lost 26kgs/57lbs.

The second photo was a selfie we took at the shops two days ago. In this photo I’m down a total of 37kgs/81lbs, BUT in the year between these two photos being taken, I’ve only lost around 11kg/24lbs. In the last year I’ve lost less than half the weight I lost just in the first 6 months of low carb, but look at the DIFFERENCE in these photos!

As I’ve said time and time again, don’t trust those scales, they are the least reliable method of measuring weight loss, particularly fat loss. And if your weight loss has slowed down, DON’T be discouraged! It is completely normal for weight loss to be faster in the beginning and then taper down and lose a little less dramatically on the scales, but don’t let that cloud the immense difference in your body and health!

Focus on Non Scale Victories, take measurements, feel if your clothes are getting looser or do a comparison shot like this to let yourself see the difference those scale numbers may be making you blind to!



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