Green Guava Kombucha

Having had guava only once as a teen and absolutely hating it, I wasn’t sure how this kombucha was going to taste. A friend of mine always had guavas in her family’s fruit bowl and would eat them like apples, much to my disgust!

However when I tasted this guava kombucha I immediately fell in love! It was lovely and sweet with a delicious flavour. Will definitely be making this one again the very next time I see guavas at the shop!


Green Guava Kombucha – Makes approximately 4 bottles


4x 750ml bottles (I use flip top bottles made for brewing)

2 guavas

Green tea kombucha (a 3L batch should be enough), get the recipe HERE

White vinegar


Rinse bottles with hot water and vinegar. Wash hands also with hot water and vinegar. Add ½ guava to each bottle. Cut them in half and dice so they fit down the neck of the bottle.

Fill bottles with green tea kombucha leaving at least a few centimetres of headspace at the top. Store in a dark cupboard at least 2-3 days (second ferment). You can store longer but depending on how fizzy your kombucha is you may have to burp it periodically. I store mine a minimum of 1 week and have bottles that have been stored over 2 months. The longer it ferments, the less sugar it will have. Drink chilled or poured over ice.



Wash any other utensils and items you use also with hot water and vinegar. Don’t use any detergent for washing. Avoid using metal but if you have to only use stainless steel as other metals can react with the kombucha. If second fermenting for long periods, keep a close eye on your bottles and burp as needed to avoid explosions. Different fruits and teas will give different amounts of carbonation so some bottles may need burping more than others. Kombucha will also brew faster in hot weather.



Nutritional Info:

It is not possible to give macros as each person will brew their kombucha differently and second ferment for different periods of time.







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